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Global Ties 3 billion clicks


Everyone is so accustomed to seeing super produced campaigns for NGOs that we, an organization that really doesn't have funds for award-winning productions, decided to bet on simplicity and truth over fairy tale. A camera and a cause, that's all we had, and ironically they were exactly what we needed to figure out that the simplest way to get people donating already existed, but was never used: Youtube's monetization system pays any user, with original content, per engagement with advertising displayed in his video. So why not ask the whole internet population — all 3 billion of them — to simply click on that banner in our video?

How to do this?

We posted this video and enabled ads. Only two types of advertising get displayed inside Youtube's player: in-stream or in-video. In-stream ads run before the video and only generate money if watched until the end without skipping or by clicking the ad.

The only ad format that actually stays while the video is running is the 'Overlay-in-video format', the banner that appears below the video. That was our shot to explain to people what to do, while they were actually able to do something: click. It appeared exactly when our video asked for a click to save people from starvation.